Clinics & Services

Medical and Nursing Services provided by Lantern Surgery

These consultations are by appointment only.

The Practice Nursing Team help us to provide many different services.

These include vaccinations, travel advice, stopping smoking, cervical smears, dressings and ear syringing, general health advice, blood tests and a variety of specific ‘mini clinics’ – see below.

Diabetes Care

Make enquiries at Reception to book a blood test prior to clinic attendance. Then make an appointment with Zulaika Mittal on a Thursday or Friday Morning a week later. See the Diabetes UK website for excellent advice.

Anticoagulant Clinic

The surgery provides a full anticoagulant testing and dosing service using state of the art ‘near patient test’ equipment. If you are on an anticoagulant such as Warfarin please ask if you can attend this clinic. It will save you attending Kingston Hospital for the same service.

Asthma and COPD Clinic

  • Book an appointment with Clare Lower or Zulaika Mittal, our Practice Nurses.

See these links for advice how to use your inhaler properly

Blood Pressure Checks

Any of the Nursing staff can check Blood pressure. Appointments can be made from Monday – Friday.

Stop Smoking Clinic

An appointment with Clare Lower or one of our HCA’s who will help discuss choices and strategy and advise on treatment.For more infomration visit Give up smoking at Smokefree.

Family Planning Services (including I.U.C.D.)

With Dr Sarah Nicholls – This appointment does not necessarily have to be face-to-face. Dr Nicholls undertakes telephone triage clinics on a Tuesday and family planning advice can be provided other the phone. Here is a summary of the different forms of contraception. Dr Nicholls fits both coils and implants.

Pregnancy Testing and Maternity care

Make an appointment with the Practice Nurse if you need a pregnancy test.

If you are already pregnant then please see a doctor within the first few weeks so that you can be referred to the Midwife. There is useful general information about pregnancy here and about Kingston Hospital Maternity services.

Postnatal examinations are performed at 6 weeks after birth by all doctors. An 8 week examination is carried out for the baby by Dr Hannah Graham.

Travel Vaccinations

Available by booked appointments with the Practice Nurse Tuesday and Wednesday morning and afternoon and then Thursday and Friday mornings. Please complete a travel questionnaire before coming. Useful detailed information here about anti-malaria medications.

Some vaccinations are charged for. View our Fees and Charges.

Yellow Fever Centre

Yellow fever vaccine is needed in parts of Africa and South America. Available by booked appointments with the Practice Nurse every week-day morning. People who are not registered with the practice can alsoo book here for Yellow Fever and other travel vaccines.

Well Man Checks

Available by booked appointments with the Practice Nurse every week-day morning. If you are over 50 and were thinking of having a PSA (Prostate cancer) blood test please read this FIRST. Please see a doctor before considering a PSA test.

Cholesterol testing – in general is not needed under the age of 40 unless there is a strong family history of heart disease and if normal need not be repeated for 5 years as in general our natural level changes little. If you have been advised your cholesterol is high you may find this dietary advice useful – Cholesterol and my Diet

For further information about cholesterol, blood pressure and much else, see The British Heart Foundation website.

Well Woman Checks

Available by booked appointments with the Practice Nurse every week-day morning. Please arrange to have a cervical smear ‘mid month’ – ie 2 weeks before your next period. More information about having a smear – plus information about the NHS Breast Cancer screening service.